Contract: SeaPort-e

  In managing our SeaPort-e contract, Eagle Systems employs a comprehensive QA program that blends management, monitoring, and inspection techniques with ISO/AS philosophies. Our QA program includes:
  • Policies that standardize work practices and processes.
  • Product reviews to ensure services and deliverables conform to contract and customer requirements.
  • Personnel appraisal to correct performance problems and acknowledge exceptional work.
  • Periodic audits and internal management reviews to identify repetitive problems and opportunities for process improvement.
  • Continuing education to maintain skills and increase QA awareness.
  These activities, backed by our corporate commitment to customer satisfaction, guarantee operational excellence and consistency.
  Additionally, we implement an all-inclusive QA Plan that ensures high-quality products and services. Our managers ensure task standardization, schedule audits, identify process improvements opportunities, and monitor MOEs in accordance with the QA Plan.
  Backed by our CEO's customer satisfaction commitment, we are confident that Team Eagle will provide outstanding support for the Navy’s mission.
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