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Capabilities: Logistics Support

Eagle Systems has experience with performing a wide array of logistics and product support services for NAVAIR weapon systems and programs. Our logistics support professionals provide our DoD customers with multi-system analysis of RFT gap drivers; perform top down systems analysis to the component level, develop LSA reports to support maintenance planning and provisioning, identify trends early to facilitate effective root cause analysis, and identify components that drive cost and readiness in order to prevent undue burden to the Fleet.
  Our capabilities and sample support areas include:
  • H-1 and T-700 Engine Maintenance Monitoring and Reporting
  • P-3C Modernization Programs and MMA Logistics Support
  • P-8A Integrated Logistics Support
  • P-3C Supportability and Maintenance Program Support
  • P-3C Logistics Training Support Services
  • MH-60 Integrated Logistics/Product Support
  • Various Domestic and FMS Support Equipment Logistics Support
  • E-6 Logistics and Maintenance Support
  • Airborne Acoustics Intelligence (AAI) (Project Beartrap) Logistics Support
  • Maintenance Planning and Analysis Support